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Our mission at Jankalyan Samittee is to be true volunteers and active facilitators in building healthy, self-reliant, knowledgeable, discrimination free society with modern outlook maintaining respect to our rich cultural heritage and ageless traditional values.


At Jankalyan we pledge to render the help to the downtrodden to be self-reliant. We envisage being torch bears to impart quality education at affordable cost .Understanding the real need we take the responsibility to provide advanced medical facility to the needy without profit motif. We truly believe it to be our duty to assimilate our vanvasi brethren to the mainstream while respecting and retaining their culture. Understanding our farmers’ pivotal role in nation building we aim to promote sustainable agriculture and projects to improve quality of life of the farmers. In order to add genuine knowledge partners to the nation building we would encourage and honour individuals and institutions contributing with path breaking service and ideas for the benefit of the society.


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